VENI University


VCCU is a Christ-centered, missional American university with an innovative and adaptive spirit. Located in Orlando, Florida, it addresses the deep needs of the world by cultivating compassionate Christian community, empowering free and virtuous action, and serving others in ways that promote human flourishing.

Faith and Mission

At VCCU, you’ll receive an education that develops your mind, body and spirit — providing you with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful future.


Jesus Christ is Our Lord!
We believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ as the only son of God We believe in His dearh for every man, His resurrection and His eventual return to judge the world.

Religious Modifier

VCCU is a University center of excellence in distance education. Its main characteristics are modernity and innovation.
It is an educational institution, duly registered with the Florida Department of Education, USA. For this reason, we must add a religious modifier to our Certificates and Diplomas in order to be in compliance with FLDOE regulations, including the modifier in degree titles, as described in Section 1005.06 (1) (f) of the Florida Statutes, in accordance with religious institutions exempt from government supervision.

Accreditation, Licensing and Associations

Accreditation is an action of educational management optional for the University in the USA. Accreditation is the validation of the instruction program of a university by an authorized agency to provide an academic evaluation of the graduation granting process of the institution. Generally, it is not used outside USA. Education Ministries in different countries regulate their own faculties and universities. In the USA there are regional accreditation associations, as well as selected private organizations, that recognize specific areas. The status of “Accreditation” can provide an indication of the general quality and reputation of a university. One has the warranty of a basic quality level in education and services. It is more likely that the credits may be transferred to other accredited institutions. The Degree is more likely of being recognized and respected by other faculties and employers. VCCU is accredited by AAHE (American Association for Higher Education) and DoePress Office, that also gives the accreditation register for numerous other teaching institutions on the USA. Registered on CIE -Independent Education Committee (Florida), with published regulations on the Online Register of Documents (

Veni Creator Christian University, based on the United States of America, in Orlando, Florida, is registered under the number P19000076677 on the State Department of Education, and registered on the FEIN/EIN under the number 37-1955767.

Registered as a Religious Institution by the Department of Education, the documents issued have the religious modifier that accomplishes the regulation on the Florida Statute (FLDOE), as described in Section 1005.06(1)(f), under religious institutions. It is an independent teaching institution that realizes its work through Educational Programs in several knowledge areas. Veni has advanced around the world, thanks to the support of the Holy Spirit and its divine direction

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