Simplified Selection or transference/Completion

To enter in new classes of offered Bachelor or Associate´s Degree, the candidates must have the following requirements:

1 – The student must be 18 or more or have a written permission of the parents or legal guardian.
2 – Fill out the Enrollment Form completely
3 – Pay the admission fee
4 – Present a copy of a valid identification document with their picture, issued by the government of the origin country.
5 – Present copy of the diploma of high school, GED, or similar document if the candidate finished high school out of USA
6 – Present a grade report issued by a secondary institution or an appropriate government agency, confirming the high school, or equivalent, conclusion.

The candidates must present one or more of the documents, in their original issuance to the authorized institutional responsible. The official will examine the document(s) to prove, in their best judgment, that it is original and does not present any visible modifications. If the candidate can’t leave the original document for their admission record, the official will provide a copy and will certify, with their initials, that it is a copy of the original one.

To enter one of the new classes of Post Graduation courses offered, the candidates must present the following requirements.

1 – Be graduated in correlated areas to our master’s or doctorate courses (present a diploma that proves the title)
2 – To have an updated Academic curriculum (Orcid, Lattes, CV etc.)
3 – Present Diplomas, scholar records, personal documents, and proof of residency, all updated.
4 – Present the passport number (for students that aren’t from USA)
5 – Participate, remotely, in the interview.
6 – Fill out the Enrollment Form, the Letter of Intention, and the Veracity Declaration.


For the transfer of students from other institutions to VCCU it will be considered the same academic level, which means students that initiated a Master’s Degree must ask for the transfer only to a Master’s Degree, and so on.

The transfer request as a form of admission in VCCU’s classes will be made through a specific form that must be filled out and sent to the course’s secretariat, along with the scholar report, scanned personal documents, and a declaration of the former institution. The transfer request, along with the candidate’s documents, will be sent to the academic sector that will do the appreciation of the credits and studies of the former institution. The use of studies will be considered as the dismissal of disciplines taken before by the candidate. One must understand by taking a component that one that the candidate was approved on.

After the analysis of the use of studies, it will be issued by the Academic Director an opinion in which the candidate will be able to use part or all the credits taken in the former institution. If it isn’t possible for the student to achieve the minimal number of credits requested by VCCU, the candidate must take the complement of the credits through the offered components.


The admission to the offered courses will be done by the approval of the simplified selection process, as described in the items above, or by the deferment of the transfer process and the effectiveness of the enrollment, that happens online.

The selected candidate for a graduation or post-graduation stricto sensu course must, compulsorily, finish their enrollment during the first month after the selection or transfer, to be included in the next class.

The selection of candidates happens in a continuous flow, and if the candidate does not finish the enrollment timely, they must wait for the formation of a new class to be included.


The components are offered cyclically, and there are no prerequisites between them. It will be considered approved in the discipline, the student that has an average grade equal or superior to 7,0 (seven). If the student doesn’t get the minimum grade in the course, they must, without fail, repeat the component until they get success on it.
It will be necessary for approval and obtaining of the credits in each component or academic activity, a minimum frequency of 75% (seventy-five percent) in the synchronous classes. There will be no leave of absence, unless in the cases provided by law.
Before starting each component, the student will be included together with the professor, in a message group exclusive to their class, and this group is managed by the course secretary. This group is formed to provide more effective contact among professors and students and to publish news, diverse materials, answer questions, etc. So, it constitutes one more channel of communication among students, professors, and the secretariat.


Proficiency is a test applied in a foreign language to find out the degree of skill in interpreting a text in a different language from the native language of the student. In VCCU, the proficiency test is offered remotely through AVA. For the Graduate and Master’s students, it is required the proficiency in English Language, and for the Doctorate student is required that proficiency is different from the one presented in the Master’s Degree.

Exclusively for the enrollment in the master’s degree course, a diploma in the areas of Languages, Bilingual Executive Secretariat, and equivalents – if in these courses there are disciplines of English or Spanish Language, they will be accepted as proof of proficiency in a second language.

About the student that wishes to present Proficiency Exams in foreign languages instead of taking the VCCU test, they must be delivered by the end of the first year of the course; if they have been taken in 4 (four) years before enrollment in VCCU, or if they are valid for the lifetime. There will be accepted: TOEFL ITP, TOEFL IBT e TOEIC (from B1), IELTS Academic or IELTS GT (from B1), Advanced Place Exam (AP) in English Composition or Spanish Composition, NEWL in Portuguese, CAE, CPE, Duolingo (from B1), SIELE (from B1), or DELE (from de B1).


The student that wants to take courses with credits for continuing education or credit transfer to another institution can enroll as Special Student by course payment. Special students are classified as students that are seeking a diploma.

To enroll in the disciplines, the students must present proof of graduation from an accredited university or present official documentation that proves the authorization to take courses to qualify them to enroll in the University.

Ps.: The students may be obliged to participate in an interview with the representative of the university or the academic department.


The programs of Veni University are offered in agreement with the official language of the e-campus. The students can choose between online or combined ways to finish their studies.

Technological Minimum Requirements for Online Courses
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Google Chrome 10+
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