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Type: Dissertation



Author(s): Crispim de Mello, Elizeu

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Advisor: Lira dos Santos, Shslayder, PhD

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Date of document: September, 17-2021


Created and developed in England, table tennis has gone through a series of changes until the current standards and to establish itself as a mass sport, with millions of practitioners worldwide. Currently, Table Tennis is practiced officially in 150 countries, surpassing the 15 million players, ranking among the seven largest federations in the world. Within the school, table tennis, provides students with great joy and motivation, and develop various capacities, both in terms of motor and of cognitive and affective. This mode can be characterized as the sums of skills, which together make up the game, where the practitioner performs various types of efforts due to the reaction speed, muscular endurance and ability to concentrate, needed during the game, thereby developing the physical, technical, psychological, social and moral. Knowing that this method helps to develop the potential of the student, justified their use in physical education classes, however in the town of Hunter - SC, table tennis is left in these classes. So this article aims to analyze the main factors hampering the development of this modality in the institutions surveyed. The research was developed in the fourth grade of elementary school for three school systems in the city of Hunter - SC, with a particular state and a municipal one. In order to investigate why table tennis is just working on other sports in physical education classes were administered questionnaires to students and teachers of Physical Education these three schools. Thus, it was found that this method is worked out with little intensity in the schools surveyed and without planning, appropriate methods or materials, but students mostly worked to show interest when that modality in physical education classes. Regarding the teachers surveyed, demonstrating that they understand that this mode has the same importance in the school, as other sports, however, believe that for a better development of the same, should prepare themselves through specialized courses and exchanges of information, so they can plan their lessons with methods and refined techniques that may each day to motivate, encourage and create opportunities for the student properly, giving them conditions to prosper not only in physical education classes, but, in all its history student. Thus it was found that besides the lack of expertise on the part of teachers on this form are also practical reasons for the lack of table tennis the limitations that the schools surveyed have both physical space and materials, as well as the lack of knowledge students have about the basic rules and lack of incentive for the sport.

Keywords: Table tennis, Fourth Grade of Elementary Education, Physical and Motor

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